The Socialholic Typewriter is a creative writing tool which enables users to collaboratively tell stories, connect with their readers, and raise inter-cultural awareness to support diversity of cultural expression. It all starts with a visual stimulus. Can you tell us a story in 300 words?

The most compelling stories are told through a multiplicity of voices and interplay of words and pictures. We believe that collaboration sparks creativity, that’s why The Socialholic Typewriter provides the image and invites you to supply the text in 300 words. The stories need to be short because we believe that flash fiction, a style of fiction of extreme brevity, is a rising literary genre which is perfect for our social media era, fast paced life and continuous flow of information. Such brief, fragmentary narratives which use two semiotic systems (the written word and the visual) can effectively inspire, entertain, empower and challenge the busy readers.

The idea was born in Cyprus after observing that literature, an influential cultural resource, has been developing separately in the two main communities and that, due to the language barrier, texts are not readily available to the members of the other community. In addition, research evidence shows that literature has often been used to reinforce the traditional nationalistic discourse, perpetuating division and hostility.

The Socialholic Typewriter is run in partnership with Mahallae and with the support of UNDP-Action for Cooperation and Trust.

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